Monday, August 11, 2014

Aug 11 2014 Lake Placid NY to Burlington VT

This morning I wound up sleeping in by 15 minutes as I had forgotten to turn my alarm on and it wasn’t until other campers started letting fly with the zippers that I woke up.  So I packed up quickly and then on down to breakfast at the historic Northwoods Hotel.  When I came out of breakfast I found that I had a flat tire. Looks like I had run over a piece of glass in the last few feet before getting off my bike.  This was the first flat in over a month. 

It was only a 43 mile day today and in fact this whole week is really short at just 350 miles.  The route was very down hill as we were going form 1758 ft to just 76 ft of elevation. So we just flew along the quiet back roads.  It was very pretty as we followed the Ausable river. 

At mile 18 the route took us across a wooden bridge which was built in 1758 in the town of Jay.  I was with several other riders so we stopped and took turns taking pictures.   It was a gorgeous day and so it was lots of fun just to stop and take pictures.

On down the road at mile 36 was picnic it was at the Ausable River Chasm which is a huge where there is a tremendous set of water falls.  I was think of taking the big tour which cost $16 but Ed wanted to get on the 10:50 Am ferry across Lake Champlain.  So it was gram a quick sandwich in a baggie and race down the last three miles to the ferry.  We got there with just a few minutes to spare.  The ferry ride took us across the lake to Burlington. 

In Burlington we rolled into the downtown walking mall and sat in an out door café and had a couple of beers.  Well actually I had a local cider which was very cold and crisp.   Afterwards Ken C and I rode up the Burlington bike path before heading to Camp.

Camp is at the Bishop Booth Conference centre.  It is a beautiful campus. Most of the riders have elected to stay indoors in the dorm but I have set my tent in the beautifully wooded setting of the center. 

What a great day.



sue said...

It looks like just another beautiful day on the bikes. What happened to the mustache?
recumbent sue

Jan Landman said...

Hi Terry,

Just discovered you are riding the C2C for the second time!. I rode with you a couple of times in 2010 (dutch guy, orange bike).
Seems the weather, specially in the beginning of the ride, was a lot worse than four years ago.
Please say hello to the pack of 2010, as far as they are there. Enjoy your last week.

Judy Teague said...

Wow what an awesome day (except for the flat)
Love the photo of the guys:-)