Sunday, August 10, 2014

Aug 8 2014 Watertown to Star Lake NY

The good supper equals good breakfast rule held up this morning.  Last night we had an awesome supper of barbequed hamburgers and all the fixings and this morning an awesome breakfast of French toast with blueberry compote with ham and sausage.  So I filled up to the point of this might be a bit too much for the bike ride.

Ken C and I rolled out together this morning.  It was quite busy on the road but most of the traffic was headed into town. After a couple of turns we were out in the country and cruising down some very nice deserted country roads.  The route today was only 62 miles so we were not in any hurry. We rolled past a lot of small acreages and farms. I really don’t understand how come there are all these beautifully paved back roads with no traffic.

Picnic was at 36 miles so it came up pretty fast.  We hung around as there was only 25 miles to ride and even though there were some big hills to climb it was still no more than a 2 hour ride.  Star Lake where we were going is a not a big place. In fact the high light of the town is the little IGA store.

When Ken and I got in we headed down to the IGA and grabbed some choclate milk and some apple fritters. They were great.

Tomorrow we ride into Lake Placid which is the last day of the week. Right now we have less than 450 miles to ride and only 7 more ride days.


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