Saturday, August 2, 2014

Aug 2 2014 Port Huron to Niagara Ont.

To day was a great day. The weather was perfect. Breakfast was wonderful, especially the pancakes.  The route along the north shore of Lake Eire was beautiful.  The little ferry ride across the Welland cannel was fun.  Picnic had some wonderful treats.  Tom had made his trifle which was great.  There was a ton of fresh fruit on the picnic table.  Lots of my favourites like raspberries, blueberries, and pineapple.

The morning started with a 6 mile ride into Port Huron as we were staying in a campground out of town.  So I was on the rode just after 6:00 Am and down to the Erie Shores hotel where we had a buffet breakfast.  I think that the breakfast in Frankenmuth might have been just as good but it is at least the number two so far.  The pancakes were what made it.  They had a hint of cinnamon in them and when covered in real maple syrup they were great. 

Ken C and I rolled together and just cruised along the route as it was only 78 miles today and being the end of the week there was no panic to get in.  After we left Port Huron we rode down along the Lake Eire shore.  It was really neat riding past all the holiday beach cabins.  Some were just little tiny 400 sq ft places squeezed together, some were huge beach mansions, and then there were all of the rv resorts which where jammed with tents and trailers.  There were lots of beautiful lake views, and being a back road off of a back road there were no cars.

We rolled into picnic and when we found all the goodies on the table, we proceeded to gorge ourselves.  Well at least I did.  Shuli had made a chicken and lettuce salad which was filled with allsorts of wonderful crunchy stuff.    Tom had made his trifle. It had a layer of fresh raspberries and whipped cream. Boy it was great.  

After picnic we rolled down to the Welland cannel and jumped on the free ferry which services the bike path along the cannel.  Being it was a little warm today (31 C) the water was nice and cool and the ferry ride while very short was a great diversion.

The city of Niagara came up pretty quickly and I rolled in the school where we are camped and Ken rolled down to the hotel where he is staying.   Both the hotel and the school are only a mile from the falls.  Tomorrow Maid of the Mist and a day of rest. 


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