Sunday, August 10, 2014

Aug 9 2014 Star Lake to Lake Placid

I didn’t remember the school at Star Lake until I got down to the lunch room.  Then it came back.  This was the place of the worst breakfast of the trip, and I was not disappointed. Breakfast was totally horrid. The eggs were this kind of florescent safety yellow gelatinous stuff in a pan. One toaster with hard week old bread.  However I guess I shouldn’t complain as the cater did drive 30 miles to serve us breakfast at 6:30 ( well really 6:40 by time it was started).

I rolled out with Ed W this morning as Ken was busy chowing down the eggs.  The route was gently rolling although there was more up than down as we were headed up in to the Adirondacks, where Lake Placid is.  At the 15 mile mark Ed and I rolled in to a little road side café which he had scoped out while he was routing.  Ed had the big egg and bacon bagel as he couldn’t get any of the breakfast down.

There was a big wide shoulder so we rode along side discussing everything of vital importance.  This mostly included stuff to do with bikes and cycle trips.  This made the miles fly by and before we knew it we were at picnic which was at the 40 mile mark. Picnic was really special as they were making root beer floats.  After picnic we had only 31 miles to go so we set off in no big hurray. 

When we got to the town of Saranac I want to get a Coke so Ed said turn left at the lights which I did and he kept on going.   By the time I got turned around he was gone.  So I found my Coke and set off.  Then my bike computer quit registering.  I had bought this bike computer especially for this trip. I wanted one with temperature incline measurement and total climb.  To get these features you have to buy an expensive bike computer.  I have found that the reliability of bike computers is inversely proportional to the price.  So cheap ones which have basic speed and distance functions never break and expensive ones never can be relied upon.  Good thing there were arrows on the road to follow.

We are camped just above the Olympic speed oval.  It is an out door oval so there is no ice on it now. Right next to is the Olympic stadium.  We are right in the heart of Lake Placid.  WOW!

Tomorrow is a rest day Yahoo!


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Jim said...

Whoo-hoo , almost finished!!!! That would be my thought. Jim and I have been following you. I know this is in your blood, so I am sure you have next ride planned. Good luck and safe trip home to your new home. Sandra