Friday, August 15, 2014

Aug 14 2014 Littleton NH to Fryeburg MA

Last night after we had a great feed at a local restaurant “Talk of the Town”  we walked down a few doors to Chutters.  Chutters is famous for having the worlds longest candy bar.  There are hundreds of jars of candy to choose from.  Every other one is one of your favourites.  Liquorish of a hundred varieties, Peppermints beyond discripition, jellies ranging from the gummy variety to the harder drop type, and of course my personal favourite the fruit slice.  You take a paper bag put on a plastic glove and start down the line.  It is $10.99 a pound.  You take a couple of these and a couple of those and by thhe end you have $20 worth of candy.  I love the place and would consider moving to Littleton so that I could go there often.

This morning the rain stopped long enough for me to fold up my tent and get my gear loaded.  Then it started to come down.  So I rolled down to breakfast and had hoped that it would stop but no such luck.  Ed and I rolled out together but Ed was on a mission and sped down the road.  I didn’t fancy riding in a rooster tail of water so I was fine with that.  At the 20 mile mark I came to the historic Mount Washington hotel. It was built in 1902 and is a huge iconic place. It was there that the IMF and the Marshal Plan were agreed to after WWII.  We were told that we were welcome to walk down the lobby so I did. It is truly a grand place. 

The foul weather was al stacked up against Mount Washington which is over 6000 ft and the highest peak in the area.  After I got past it and down Crawford’s Notch the weather was beautiful. 

I caught up with Ed at picnic which was at the 40 mile mark.  After a sandwich and my fill of fresh fruit Ed and I rode off the remaining 22 miles down to Fryeburg.  We are staying in the fair grounds which are huge.  There are buildings for everything. 

Just two days remain.  Hard to believe.


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