Friday, August 15, 2014

Aug 15 2014 Fryeburg ME to Durham NH

There was suppose to be 0% chance of rain this morning but as I was getting ready to crawl out of my tent it started to rain.  This caused me to rethink my clothing options and  I pulled out my rain pants and rain gloves.  Putting this much gear on assured me that the rain would be short lived.

I rolled into breakfast and connected with Ed and the two of us rolled out together.  It was a 86 mile day with 2900 feet climb so the order of the day was to get it done. The road was wet from the earlier rain and the sky was still dark from a heavy cloud layer.  There were a lot of steep but short climbs through the mostly back roads.  The dark sky and large trees on both sides of the road made it pretty dark through most of the morning.

Just before picnic we came to a short hill with a curve to left and I said to Ed this is where I caught Patrick D four years ago and scared him with my bark.  Sure enough we got to the top of the hill and there was picnic in the same spot with the closed up gas station.  Pretty funny I wouldremember that hill.  

At picnic we had 100 miles to go to get to Gloucester. WOW.

After picnic we rolled out with Ken C and the three of us cruised along making really good time.  There was only one hill after picnic and it wasn’t too steep or long and it was mostly down hill.  At the 70 mile mark there was a left turn at a Stop light. As we came to a stop I could see a pink building across the road.  So I said to Ed that looks like an ice cream parlour.  Sure enough it was. They must have had 100 flavours so the choose was a hard one but it was well worth it. 

With only 16 miles to go it was an easy cruise in to Durham. I was glad to be in as the clouds were starting to look ugly again.



sue said...

Terry, You must be happy though sad that your journey is over tomorrow. I will miss the blogging and pictures. Great job. I suppose it's time that I pick up the slack and get back on my bike. Recumbent Sue

Jim said...


Congrats on another transcontental ride in the bag. I must say your end of ride was sounding a lot like the beginning with rain and and food issues. You do look like you are in heaven with the gourmet ice cream and candy. I just finished my Lake Tahoe century and was thinking of you. I am so greatful I don't have to get up tomorrow and do it again.

Again, congrats on another life time accomplishment.