Thursday, August 7, 2014

Aug 7 2014 Oswego to Watertown NY

We had supper last night and breakfast this morning in the Oswego University cafeteria.  It was very nice. It was great eating off real plates using real cutlery and drinking coffee out of real mugs.  An added bonus was that the cafeteria didn’t open until 7:00 so we got to sleep in an extra half hour.

The ride today was straight up NY state highway 3 for 72 miles.  It wasn’t too busy and it had a nice shoulder all the way.  The pavement was absolutely the best we have ridden on this tour.  There were only a couple of small detours where we ducked off the main highway to tour along Lake Ontario.  Of course nothing comes for free so the penalty was that there was a 10-15 mph head wind almost the entire day. 

Following the highway the road was slightly rolling however there wasn’t too much to see as it was well inland from the lake. The only time we saw the lake was on one of the short detours.  Picnic was on one of the detours and was located on the beach in Wescott State Park. This detour took us down along the lake where there were some beautiful homes overlooking the lake. 

At three miles out I spotted an ice cream shop so Ken and I rolled in. I had the medium soft serve cone which had a pile of ice cream 10 “ high.  

Tomorrow is a short day at only 62 miles down to Star Lake.



Judy Teague said...

Sounds like a wonderful day of riding, except for the head-wind. If everyday was like this one I would consider joining in the fun.
Getting closer to completing your journey...good for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry
I spent this morning with a cup of coffee and your blog. I have been reading about all of your adventures and even though you have had some rough days it sounds like you are having a ball. It looks like you are almost there - yippee!
I am sure that it will be a bittersweet ending but you have so many great memories!. We look forward to seeing you back in Arizona and hearing your stories.
Stay safe and know that we are all proud of you.
Gail Johnson

Anonymous said...

OMG Terry,
You look soooo happy in the picture! Is that because you are almost finished or that you are having so much fun. great job buddy!