Saturday, August 2, 2014

Aug 1 2014 West Lorne (West Elgin) to Port Huron

Today was to be a 97 mile day however the school in Port Huron pulled the plug on Greg a couple of days ago.  This put Greg in to scramble mode as there isn’t a lot of options in this part of the world and especially during peak tourist season.  However he came through and landed us in a beautiful camp ground just 6 miles out of Port Huron.  The school in Port Huron was probably the worst place on the tour so I am not sad to see it go.  In addition the church ladies who did the supper also pulled out which is great as it was the worst meal on the tour.  We are being shuttled into Port Huron to a restaurant.

The ride was nice in that it was mostly along very quiet country roads which had very nice pavement.  We headed straight south to Lake Eire and then headed east along the lake shore drive. However as there was a huge fog bank just off shore there wasn’t much to see on the right side. 

Picnic was in the town of Port Burwell, which has one of the first lighthouses on Lake Eire, It was built in 1840 and is now a tourist info center. The quaint little town has a maritime museum which looked pretty good but I didn’t go in.  They have also pulled up the Canadian submarine Ojibwa up on the shore and turned it in to a tourist thing. The only option to see the submarine was a $25 tour which lasted 90 minutes.  As I didn’t have 90 minutes I rolled out of picnic. 

After picnic I missed a turn in the little town of Port Rowan and went of route.  Other riders missed the turn so I suspect that a car had parked on one of the arrows.  In an effort to conserve paint the arrows are getting smaller and smaller, and few and further apart.  Dan is routing for the next few days so there will be lots of arrows,   A few miles down the road I realized I was of course and went into a store and got directions.

Just a few miles out of camp there was an ice cream shop so I stopped.  I had a double scoop of the wild cherry and it was great.

On the trivia side we crossed the 1000 miles to go about 4 miles out of West Lorne.  This leaves us with 913 miles to go. Getting close!


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Port Dover, not Port Huron!