Monday, August 18, 2014

Aug 16 2014 Durham NH to Gloucester ME

The morning was crisp and bright as I crawled out of my tent this morning.  I was so glad that it was going to be a nice day.  After the last week of bad weather I was really afraid that we were going to have a miserable 62 mile ride to finish this odyssey. 

Breakfast was a total treat as it was over in the University of New Hampshire cafeteria.  I had a huge pile of bacon, a made to order omelet and a fresh waffle.   I never ate like this when I was in university.  This was probably a good thing as I would have wound up weighing a 1000 pounds. 

Ed W, Ken C, Jos and I rolled out of town together and were off down some of the prettiest New England roads you can imagine.  There were lots of little short but steep climbs, twists and turns.  It was a total blast. It probably helped that everyone’s spirits were high; having said that nobody was taking any chances as nobody wanted to crash on the last day. 

At lunch we meet up with Earnie and then the 5 of Rockies II riders were off down the final 25 miles.   Just as we were leaving Ken found he had a flat at lunch so we had to fix it before we could leave but with so many experts it took forever to fix.  Jos came to the rescue with his instant stick on patch and we were off.

Greg W had the finish line all set with balloons and a chalk line indicating we were done.  After everyone had made it into camp there was a police escort down to the ocean for the ceremonial wheel dip in the ocean.  My friends John and Dereka showed up to help me celebrate.  Wow was it ever great. 



RJDunlop said...

Congratulations!! What an incredible journey!!

Jim said...

Congratulations on your epic journey. We were starting to wonder since there was no finishing word for several days. We figured you must have been celebrating around the clock. On the other hand, figured you have just taken a liking to a real bed under a roof. Welcome back to the real world and well done!

Judy Teague said...

Congratulations Terry, well done.
Happy for you and all the riders, especially the Rockies II guys.

Tom Erceg said...

Awesome my man! Congratulations!