Sunday, June 14, 2015

Getting ready

June 14 2015

Rockies III Lite

It is just a few days before the arrival of the first of the riders for the Rockies III Lite ride. The actual ride will kick off on June 20 and is scheduled to be 19 days in duration with 16 ride days and three ride days.  During this time we will cover 1800 kms with a total elevation gain of 16500 meters. 

I am the organizer on this tour and so there is always a lot of worry that you have forgotten something really important.   I am calling it Lite because there are only 5 riders and one driver going, I have not driven the course and we will have minimal ride support.  The riders are all really good friends whom I have ridden a lot of miles with and who are all really experienced riders.  This adds to the worry that I have over looked something important.  Other tours I have organized have had lots of support so while there was lots of different things to pack and prepare there was comfort that you have not over looked something.

This trip will take us from my home in Kelowna out to Vancouver via the Sky to Sea highway which runs from Whistler BC to Vancouver.  This highway has been written up as one of the top 10 most beautiful sections of the highway in the world.  From Vancouver we head south into Washington State before heading east again.  We will cross the mountains into the interior of Washington before heading north into the Kootney Valley of Southern British Columbia and then home.

I am really looking forward to this trip as it is a great chance to ride with some great friends. 

Sorry the map turned out so blurry - it looked better when I saved it  - honest. 


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