Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lillooet to Whistler BC

June 23, 2015

Lillooet to Whistler BC

Everyone was woken up at around 4:00 Am with howling wind flapping the tents.  We started out in the drizzle with heavy over cast clouds and wound up in brilliant sun with temperatures of around 29 C.  To say it wasn’t looking good would be an understatement, especially as we were facing 130 kms and 2100 meters of climb.

The first 15 kms were grueling switchbacks with grades probably in excess of 15 percent.  Then a short little downhill of 11% for 2 km before back to the hills.  By 12:00 we had been on the road for 3.5 hours and only covered 50 kms.  So quick little picnic and back on the road.  At the 70 kms mark we came to the summit of the ride.  We then had 13 kms of 13percent downhill.  It was so steep I felt like I was melting the brakes off my bike.  Earnie made 76 kms/hr on the big hill.  This was followed by 15 kms of flat and then more grinding.  

That is kind of the bad. The good is it was one of the most scenic roads I have ever been on.  It had everything, from snowcapped mountains, waterfalls, mountain lakes roaring creeks and rivers.  Plus the pavement was excellent and there was almost no traffic.

The Riverside Campground in Whistler is beautiful and tonight supper in town. 



Howard Brown said...

Nice scenery! Weather will be great as you arrive in Vancouver tomorrow, but traffic will be a different story. Careful on the two lane sections South of Squamish.

Jim said...

Way to go. You are back in civilization.. I remember driving that HW 99 well...lots of twists, turns, ups, and downs, with one lane bridges. It is stunning. I thought I was ambitious driving it, you guys are tough biking it!. The ride down into Vancouver should be fun. Say hi to Howard. I had dinner with Gary and Candy Gaudreay, who will be visiting him next week on their way to Alaska.

Agnes said...

Great scenery, you and I will have to retrace this route. It is going to be crazy hot here, hitting +40C by the weekend. Ride safe. Lots of love.

On The Road - Bob & Gail said...

What great pictures, and they are all right side up! LOL
I remember my ride from Vancouver to Whistler with Margaret and loved every minute of it even if we rode the first 1/3 in the rain. Glad the weather got better so you could enjoy the ride a bit more. What an adventure. Going down to Vancouver should be all downhill so enjoy!
Keep your blog going - love it.

Cynthia Bergland said...

Looks fantastic Terry! I was burning my brakes on an 8% downhill so can't imagine an 11% downhill...
Stay safe and loving the pictures.
Cheers, Cynthia

Elvira said...

Nice reading your blogs, travelling by proxy! Ride safely, ciao, Elvira.