Thursday, June 25, 2015

The first of two rest days in Vancouver

June 25, 2015

The first of two rest days in Vancouver

We slept in well past the 6:00 AM alarm today.  The hotel has really nice pillows and wonder thick duvets.  Laying in bed was a wonderful luxury.   Ken had made arrangements to meet a friend for coffee so we did get up and went upstairs to the restaurant on the top of the hotel.  It is a revolving restaurant but wasn’t turning for breakfast.   They had  great buffet laid out and we filled up.  

Ken was off and I headed down to get my blog, pictures, and laundry done.   After Ken got back we walked up to this bike shop which is on the other end of Robson so we walked up.  I found a tire patch kit, a pair on new tires, a couple of tubes and a new blinking tail light.  I like the new light as it is really bright. The old one turns it’s self off  after a few minutes.

Ken and I decided fish and chips was the ticket for lunch so the hotel desk clerk suggested a place called C-Lovers and I had the all you can eat fish and chips  for $12.99.  The fish was so fresh and good  this was probably the best fish and chips ever.  

We walked back along English Bay and through the residential areas of Vancouver.  The sun was out and people were sun bathing on the beach and strolling along the SeaWall.  It was so postcard pretty . 



Agnes said...

Sounds like a great day! What is with setting alarm for 6 am on a day off! ?! Crazy! Ride safe.

Jim said...

Stunning pictures of snow capped mountains and ocean. It must be cool from the looks of everyone bundled up. Another 110 day here with no snow capped mountains or beach. Vancouver sounds like a blast.

Howard Brown said...

I still cant get over how fast you guys were traveling when you roared by me at Horseshoe Bay. I felt like I was watching the Tour de France!! I am lucky that I was able to shout your name to get your attention.

Merrilynne and I enjoyed meeting your friends Terry and dinner with everyone was cool. Wonder if anyone noticed the 30 foot palm trees in the one of your pictures? Sorry that we have company or I would definitely escort your team of riders out of Vancouver to the US border when you resume your odyssey. Actually want to make sure you leave...he he he.
Travel safely.

Riona Freeman said...

It sounds like you are having a great time, Terry. I am reading your commentary thinking, "Man, I wish I could be there!" and I don't cycle! I think you have been on enough of these kinds of tours that you know exactly what needs to be done and the 2 days in Vancouver will be fun and full of great food.
Good luck tomorrow as you guys get back on the road!

Bruce said...

Bruce P said...

The Sylvia Hotel (1912) in your picture is one of the coolest hotels in Vancouver.