Friday, June 19, 2015

The Night Before

June 19, 2015

Today was an incredibly busy and exciting day.  It started at 12:40 Am at the Kelowna Airport picking up Earnie. His plane from Fort Wayne had been delayed and he wound up being bounced around most of the US before flying here.  Miraculously his bike arrived with him.  The trip turned out to be a 23.5 hour adventure.   A few short hours later I was jolted out sleep with a stabbing cramp in my right calf at 5:30 am.  I sure don’t know where that came from.  Being wide awake I rolled out of bed and got dressed and packed Ajax off to the dog park for a walk. 

I got back to find Agnes busy preparing a fabulous breakfast of sausages and French toast.    We did a lot of last minute tasks packing, unpacking and assembling bikes, running to the store, heading to Costco and going to bike shops.  I got the route sheets printed. 

The Costco run was lots of fun throwing goodies in the cart.  The printing was kind of stressful as I had to figure out how the printer worked and they had a crazy system but it worked and I got close to 200 pages printed.  

During all of the running around there we are with all of the riders and great friends.

Tonight is kick off supper with is New York steaks and the first rider meeting. 

Tomorrow AM is packing and first ride day.   Yahoo!



Howard Brown said...

Your trip will be very interesting, Terry. Good luck and be safe. Will try to hook up with you guys in Vancouver. Howard

Jim said...

You are really busy collecting everyone and getting stockpiling. I forget how many parts there are to a big ride. You must have done a bunch of work putting together what must be a 20 page route handout and printing 200 pages. I commend you.
Looks like you have great weather ahead. Watching the U.S. Golf Open in Tacoma and weather looks fabulous. Needless to say it is really hot in Phoenix with two record 115 deg.days.

Give my old buds my best. Will be following your progress!