Saturday, June 20, 2015

June 20, 2015

Kelowna to Kamloops -  Day 1

I had set the alarm for 6:00 am but I was awake around 5:00 am.  No one else was stirring so I just lay there listening to Ajax snoring.   It was kind of mixed feelings as I lay there , a combination of  “what have I let myself in for” and “ this is going to be great, 16 days of cycling and  camping”.  Too soon it was time to get rolling and so I got up and pulled on the carefully laid out riding gear. 

Agnes was up as well and helping get breakfast and coffee on for all the riders.  After breakfast it was load the van, group photo, and we were on our way.  During the group photo session I learned that my camera was not working. Just completely dead.   This had happened before and so I took the battery and memory card out and put the camera away. This is supposed to hard boot the camera and had worked before. 

It was a perfect cycling day at around 15C (56F) with lots of puffy white clouds to provide shade.  Not a hint of any wind. So everyone’s spirits were high.  

About 30 kms(19 miles) up the road we pulled off for a drink and stretch so I took the opportunity to mess with my temperament camera.  After reinserting the battery and memory card my camera came to life.   However my joy was short lived as after about 30 seconds it was back to dead.   New camera time.  When we rolled into Vernon it was just after 9:30 am and as we rode through town I noticed Staples was open so I ducked in there.  They had a Fuji on sale 40% off.  Perfect I am on my way with a new camera inside of 20 minutes. 

We had lunch at the 70 km (44 mi) mark which was right on half way.  Julie had picked a beautiful spot beside the highway however as we were eating some big Harley group of 200+  bikes went by. We couldn’t even talk.  After lunch we as we rode up the road we came across the rally point where all the bikes were.  Two more kilometers and we could have had our lunch in peace and quiet.

We rolled in at 2:30 and got our tents up before a big cloud burst.  So there is the first day 141 kms  (88 mi) with close to 800  meters (2625 FT) of climb.  Everyone is tired. 



Howard Brown said...

Your first day seemed too easy, Terry. Best enjoy the cool temperatures as it will be a lot warmer when you reach southern BC. Projecting mid to upper 20s(C) or upper 80s (F). Couldn't leave the boob tube at home....? lol

Agnes said...

Glad you were able to get a new camera so quickly. Ride safe.

Anonymous said...

you five look so awesome and stoic at the start! great start terry. i did 40 miles through calgary yesterday and it damn near killed me. i dont know how you do the rides you do.