Saturday, June 27, 2015

Vancouver BC to Lynden WA

June 27, 2015

Vancouver BC to Lynden WA

It was a brilliant sunny day as we rolled out of our Vancouver hotel this morning.  Howard B had graciously agreed to guide us out and rolled up just as we were getting the last of the bags into the van.  We all rolled down a couple of blocks to the nearest MacDonald’s for a quick breakfast before hitting the pathway. 

Howard took us out along False Creek and then onto the Central Valley Greenway.  What a great bike system.  Being early Saturday morning there was almost nobody on the path way.  Around  25 kms the pathway ended and we had to pick our way along but Howard’s unerring sense of direction was perfect and we found ourselves directly above the Pattulo Bridge.  We said goodbye to Howard and rolled down the hill directly onto the bridge.  Thanks Howard!  The bridge was really high and more than a little scary.  The sidewalk where we were riding was narrow, 18 inches above the traffic  and no railing. There was quite a side wind threatening to blow you into traffic.   Normally I would have my camera out but I kept both hands on the handlebars. 

After crossing the Fraser we rolled down a few back road and climbed a really really  steep hill before joining the Fraser Hwy to Aldergrove.   We crossed into the US at the Aldergrove.  We pulled into a Shell station in Lynden and bought out all of their chocolate milk.  There is nothing better than drinking an entire quart of ice cold homogenized chocolate milk on a 35C day. 

It was a very fun day at 87 kms and 702 meters of climbing. 



Agnes said...

Glad to hear you kept your hands on the bike for a change. Must be pretty scary to keep you that focused. Saw pics of Howard's injury due to crash. That looks scary. Already looking for a new wheel for his bike so I guess he is okay. Ride safe. Really, I mean it.

Howard Brown said...

I have never cycled over the Pattullo Bridge so I am sorry that the crossing was that precarious. Merrilynne and I enjoyed meeting your friends and look forward to more shared cocktails next fall. Say Hi to Jos, Ernie, Ken, Ed and Julie. Gary and Candy Gaudreau are arriving tonight from Phoenix so hope that they are happy with our city. Travel safely!

On The Road - Bob & Gail said...

You are doing a great job and how nice of Howard, even injured, to lead you out on this ride. Let's see more photos of you my friend and keep those hands on the handlebars!

Jim said...

I hear Howard is doing OK with the exception of a banged up arm and a bent Dura Ace wheel. I would guess the city views are from Howard's penthouse. Spectacular. I here he is looking for a new place with even higher views.
Have a fun and safe rest of your ride. See you in four weeks.