Friday, June 26, 2015

June 26, 2015

Vancouver Second Rest Day

I slept in until 8:00 Am this morning.  I am beginning to get use to this sort of life.  After a quick shower and a huge buffet breakfast Ken C, Jos, and myself went on a bike cruise around Stanley Park and the Vancouver Sea wall.  The speed limit is only 15 kms and there are so many people on the path you cannot even roll along at 10 kms.  It was a gorgeous day out and we were not in any hurry.  Just roll along enjoy the beautiful day, the bright blue sky and the wonderful surroundings.  Stanley Park is so green and it contrasts so well with the city sky line and the ocean.  

We followed the Sea Wall around Stanley Park to English Bay and up False Creek to the Telus Science Center, where the Central Valley Greenway starts.  We are intending to take the Greenway out of town tomorrow and it looks like a good route.  We followed it for a couple of kilometers to ensure that we knew where we were going and that the route was well marked.  It was 1:00 PM  by now and time to find some lunch.  I suggested we head back towards downtown as there were lots of sidewalk cafes to eat at.  Just then Ken spotted an old fashioned water tower which said “Fresh Beer” in big red letters.  That sounded like what we needed. The water tower belonged to the Red Truck Brewery. The red umbrellas tipped us that this was just the spot.  The sandwiches were delicious and the beer was great.  I had the Belgian Blond and it was excellent. 

After lunch we rolled back to the hotel and did some bike work.  I had purchased two new tires I wanted to mount and cleaning the chain is always needed.  While we were working on our bikes Ken discovered that his front derailleur cable was broken and he rushed off to get it repaired. 

As I got back to the room Howard B phone to say he could lead us out of town tomorrow. Perfect!



Agnes said...

What do bike guys do on a day off? They go biking! Looks like a glorious day in Vancouver. How fabulous that Howard will join you tomorrow. Take care. Ride safe.

Howard Brown said...

See you guys at 7:30 AM. Take it easy on the old guy tomorrow.

Bruce said...

Bruce Pratt said...
On the road again!