Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lynden to Rockport WA

June 28, 2015

Lynden to Rockport WA       

It was noisy in the Lynden KOA last night.  Yelling until well after midnight.  Some woman realized her 8 year old son was missing about 11:45 PM  and started shouting and then there was lights and cars driving around.  Seems to me she should have had him in 3-4 hours earlier. 

We got up at 5:30 Am rather than the usual 6:00 AM as it was going to be hot today and everyone wanted to get an early start.  I was actually rolling at 6:50 Am so a really good time.  Ed joined me and we rolled along on almost perfect pavement at a good clip.  There was even a hint of a tail wind.  At about 35 kms out the shoulder down to 2 feet and the ditch was extremely steep.   At this point we came to a semi-truck which has hit the ditch and flipped over.  It happened only moments before Ed and I rolled up.  Being there was nothing we could do we just rolled on past it.

We continued south on Washington 9 to Sedro Wooley and were there by 10:00 am.  Julie was waiting in the parking lot so we grabbed a snack and turned East on Washington #20.  There was only 55 kms left to ride and by now the wind has turned solidly out of the west and is giving us a good tail wind.  Never stand still when you have a tail wind so Ed and I headed towards Rockport.  The road was steadily uphill as we headed East but with the good tail wind we sailed right along.  Just before camp a Westphalia boiled over just as we came up.  The Westphalia lurch to a stop and all the doors flew up and the passengers bailed out.  I could a picture just as it pulled over. There was steam everywhere.   We were in camp right at 12:00 noon. 

The Howard Miller Steelhead park where we are tonight is a beautiful campground right on the Skagit River.


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Anonymous said...

reading all your posts i must congratulate you on organizing a beautiful ride. the pictures are stunning. i am really in awe of the mileage and climbs you guys are doing. i went out to cochrane and back (only 52 miles) and it has taken me 2 days to recover. enjoy the rest of the days. i look forward to your posts.
ps i agree with agnes... hello... getting up at 6:00 on your rest days and going for a bike ride??? you guys are warped!