Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 21, 2015 Kamloops to Cache Creek

June 21, 2015

Kamloops to Cache Creek

Happy Father’s Day and Happy Solstice to all the druids out there.

I was really surprised when I crawled out of my tent this morning.  The forecast had called for sunny skies with a high of 30 C (80F), so instead of the bright sun and balmy weather it was cold, 5 C (40F) damp and heavily overcast with the clouds hovering close to the hill tops.   So I hurriedly pulled on some arm warmers, heavy gloves  and a rain jacket.  

We had filled our selves with cereal, yogurt and peanut butter before heading off.  Kamloops was 20 kms down the road.  In Kamloops you have to take the downtown ramp as bicycles are not allowed on the city bypass.  The only problem with this is that there is an enourmous hill which has to be climbed to get out of town on the other side.  We had a planned stop at a Tim Hortons which was about 80% of the way to the top.  It was a welcome stop.  After coffee all of the coats and heavy clothing was dropped in the van as the sun was now out.

The next stop was at the 60 km (37.5 mi) mark at the top of the outlook over Kamloops lake.  It is a magnificent view down the lake and you can see all the way to Kamloops.  After some energy bars and some water we were off again.  There some good down hills and a lot of big grind up hills.  The shoulder was nice and wide however it was kind of rough so you had to decide to ride in traffic on the smooth pavement or on the shoulder.  The last 15 kms had a stiff head wind so everyone was tired when we got in.  

It was a very fun day and while only 100 kms (62 miles) it was a full day.



Howard Brown said...

The Kamloops area is similar to Arizona in some ways, very picturesque but more elevation changes. Nice pics. I see that you will have close to 12,000 vertical feet on the 134 miles between Cache Creek and Whistler. Eat your wheaties!!

Jim said...

I have good memories of Kamloops. Enjoy your pictures. I have to think back to what it is like riding in the wet and cold. Keep up the good work..