Monday, June 22, 2015

Cache Creek to Lillooet

June 22, 2015

Cache Creek to Lillooet

Today was a really fun ride day.  Even though it was only 85 kms(55mi) it was quite challenging as there was 1020 meters (3400 ft) of climbing.  The climb was basically in the first 30 kms (18 miles).   It seemed really easy as the grade was steady and there was a nice tail wind.  At the summit the wind changed direction and we were now faced with a stiff head wind.  We really felt cheated as there was some long down hills and most of the way you had to pedal to go downhill.  

 We got to the half way point and had lunch beside a beautiful lake (Lake Pavilion) which had some sort of microorganisms which were precursors to Devonian era corals.  NASA had a trailer set up which were studying them as part of the Mars search for live program.  

After lunch was more downhill and more head wind.  I was at times going 45 kms ground speed but air speed must have been over 90.  After we left Pavilion Lake we came to the Fraser Canyon.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The road was really winding and had a lot of steep ups and downs. 

Tonight we are camped right on the beach of the Fraser River. 



Agnes said...

Wonderful pics. Say hi to all the guys and be extra nice to Julie. Ride safe.

Howard Brown said...

Great pictures, must be a great experience to ride through that area.

Cynthia Bergland said...

Hey Terry, I am loving reading your blog! Sounds a little chilly, but the scenery sounds gorgeous. How many riders do you have?
Do I remember 5? You guys are tough...I don't think I could do the camping thing!
Be safe,