Monday, August 4, 2014

Aug 4 2014 Niagara Ont to Geneseo NY

We started the day with a wonderful breakfast in the Tower Hotel baquet room.  The Tower Hotel is a big tower which is locate right on the edge of the Niagara escarpment, over looking the Canadian falls. There is no prettier sight.  You are several hundred feet above ground level looking right down on the falls. The breakfast itself had everything you could want eggs, bacon sausages, hash browns, waffles, good coffee, pastries, cereal, etc.   This is one of the real highlights of the trip.

After tanking up for the 86 mile ride I was on my way.  First stop was the boarder crossing across the Rainbow bridge.  Although I did not see a rainbow others did.  I was too busy making sure that I was in the right lane and watching traffic to be looking around.  I got into a lane with all of the other cyclists and by time I go to the check point they were basically waving us through.  Next up was the ride through metro Buffalo which has been totally horrendous in the past however router Dan found a way which was very quick and easy down a bunch of bike paths and side streets. Yes there were a lot of turns but it was great.  A real testament to his skill.

Out in the country side it was a picture perfect day blue sky with the odd little puffy white cloud, beautiful rolling countryside with lots of trees, dairy farms, smooth pavement and good shoulders (mostly).   There was just a hint of a breeze which helped keep you cool and temperatures in the low 70’s F.  It was the quintessential up state New York.  I doubt that Norman Rockwell could have painted it any better. 

In 2010 we rode along the south shore of Lake Ontario however this time we are well south of the lake. It was a great route and I think a huge improvement over following the lake which had a ton of traffic.

Just a wonderful day.


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