Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 30 2014 Frankenmuth to Memphis MI

Last night we had the famous Frankenmuth chicken dinner.  It was one of the best meals on the tour.  After supper it started to pour. The rain just hammered down.  So it was hit the tent right after rider meeting. The lightening and thunder continued until around 10:00 Pm and the rain continued on until after midnight. 

When I got up in the morning the clouds where still hanging around and it looked like more rain was on the way.  Ed W and I started down the road together.  It was really humid and cold.  Maybe even gloomy.  At mile 10 it started to spit on us but it never amounted to much.  By 11:00 Am the clouds were starting to break up.   I rolled into camp just after 1:00 Pm and the sun was out.  It was good to be in early as I had a ton of chores to do.  My bike needed some maintenance and it was good to get everything dried out after all of the rain.

Lunch was at Brown City which claims to be the birthplace of the motorhome.  I have no idea why.  Brown City also had a very nice 911 memorial.  

We are riding through pretty rural country side which consists of small farms with very little elevation change. The towns are all quite small and look as though they have seen better days. 

Ken C had some interesting facts today. We have covered 75% of the distance and 75% elevation gain.  We crossed the 3000 mile mark Frankenmuth.  The total ride was 4273 miles and we have 1088 remaining after today’s 80 mile ride. 
Tomorrow we enter Canada on our way to Niagara Falls.



Judy Teague said...

Congrats on completing 75% ����������

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry..I guess 75% of the fun is done. Chuck