Monday, July 28, 2014

July 26 2014 Plymouth WI to Ludington MI

Last night Colleen G drove up to take Ken C and myself out to supper.  We went out to a very nice restaurant.  We had a great visit and caught up on all the stuff which has happened since last February when I left Trilogy. It was a lot of fun hearing all the gossip. It was also very nice to have a meal away from the group where you didn’t have to stand in line to be feed.     

Today was billed as the longest short day on the tour.  The ride itself was only 40 miles however it takes 12 hours to get in.  I left camp in Plymouth at 7:00 Am and headed towards Manitowoc. 

The route was down a lot of very nice quiet back roads with absolutely perfect weather.  At times there was even a hint of a tail wind.  Ken C and I rode along together and were not in any real hurray as the ride was only 40 miles.  At about the 25 mile mark we got our first view of Lake Michigan.  The lake is so large that you cannot see the opposite shore.  When you got an off shore breeze it was about 10 degrees cooler. 

We rolled into Manitowoc and continued on down to Kathy’s house. She was a Cycle America staffer many years ago and now hosts the group for picnic when they come to town.  Kathy had a huge feast laid out for us and the hungry cyclists fell upon it like a cloud of locusts.   From Kathy’s house it was only a mile down to the ferry which runs from Manitowoc to Ludington. 

The ferry is called the Badger and it crosses Lake Michigan.  This ferry was launched in 1953 and burns coal.  The Badger is 410 feet long so it is only a few feet shorter than a World War II aircraft carrier.   By today’s standards it is small and slow.  It takes 4 hours on a good day to cross the lake.  I found a good place to sit and work on my pictures

After the ferry docked it was only a couple of miles down to the school in Ludington where we are staying.  There was a time change on this side of the lake so I lost an hour.  This meant that when I rolled into camp it was 7:00 PM.   It took me 12 hr to reach camp on a 40 mile ride. So I got my tent set up and went for supper with Ed W.   We had a real good visit over supper and a couple of beers.

Tomorrow is a rest day so I will finish my pictures and get my blog posted. 


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