Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22 2014 Pepin to Sparta WI

It was hot and humid last night.  In fact it was so hot that I took my watch off.  There were a lot of trains which rolled through the town and as none of the crossings are controlled the trains blew their whistle 5-6 times as they went through town.  I think there was one every twenty minutes or so.  The town air raid siren went off about 9:30 pm.  There was a little sprinkle of rain around midnight and it sure cooled things off. 

To day we had a 95 mile ride so it was going to be a hot and humid ride. There were people bailing out of camp at 6:00 am so that they could get a jump on the ride.  Fortunately it was heavily clouded over and the south wind which had been plaguing us had shifted around and was now out of the SW.  So most of the day we had a reasonable enough tail wind.  I had set off with Ed W but he had eaten his Wheaties this morning and soon left me in the dust. 

The country side has changed from the wide open flat plains with huge fields to rolling country side.  The road generally follows one branch of the Mississippi or another so it is pretty flat but there are huge bluffs on either side.  The Army Corp of Engineers has constructed dams and locks all the way down the river. 

I got down to picnic which was at mile 47 by around 10:30.  After picnic there were several longer hills to climb and being the end of the day it was tough.   I saw a couple of signs which said 89 F but my bike computer was reading 101 F.   I rolled in at 2:30 and found Ed so we headed off to DQ to get ice cream cones.   By the time we got back my odometer was reading 99.5 miles, however I didn’t go ride around the block to get the century it was just too hot.


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