Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19 2014 Hutchinson to Northfield MN

Today was billed as a 100 mile day and with forecast winds out of the south at 20-30 mph and a 50% chance of rain.  So I was not looking forward to it.  There were no route sheets as Dan the router was still out at rider meeting time trying to find a route around the construction.  The only thing to look at was the weekly map and it showed us going SE with big sections of directly south.   I am total told Dan worked until 4:00 Am getting the route sheets prepared.  “Unbelievable dedication” are the only words I can think of. 

The sheets were there when I got up this morning and I eagerly poured over it, mentally figuring out how many east’s and how many south’s there were.  Turned out Dan figured a route which was only 89.5 miles saving us 10.5 miles.  Maybe that doesn’t sound like much but with the wind the way it was blowing this could be an extra hour on the bike.

I rolled out of camp on my own as Ken C was not ready.  I thought he would catch me in a few miles however I got to picnic and no Ken.  I was getting ready to leave before Ken came in.  I didn’t think I was moving that fast but I guess I was as I had stretched my 10 minute lead to 40 minutes. 

After picnic I caught Earnie a few miles out and we rode along together.  I pulled the south sections into the wind and the uphill sections as I am better on them and Earnie did the east legs and the down hills as he is better on them.  About 15 miles out we caught Barry who is always in the lead as he doesn’t eat breakfast, and leaves an hour early.  We blew past him and charged in.  Earnie is staying in a motel this rest day so he went straight and I am in ST Oalf University Dorm so I turned up the hill.  I got into St Oalf first.

Dan’s efforts were well worth it as the road was much smoother than yesterday. The construction crews had finished their work so we sailed straight through.  There were lots of turns keeping it interesting and giving you a break from the winds. There were lots more trees today so you get a lot more wind shelter.  The sky was overcast which helped with the heat and sun load.  AND NO RAIN!

What a great day of riding.    


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Jim said...

Good biking the last four days. We are at Tahoe and I got to test out the new bike in the mountains at altitude. It was fabulous! The 11 speed compact with the 11/32 does the trick on the ups and downs. After reading about the cold windy rides and camping, I really appreciate my fair weather and soft bed. Keep it up Mr Tough Guy.