Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 5 2014 Gillette to Devils Tower WY

Before I start on the ride I need to explain a couple of pictures.  The first is me pretending to be Greg.  His hat and gloves were sitting on the table and so I put them on and started to give Ed ridiculous orders. We started laughing and Ed took my picture.  The second is a picture of the 4th of July fireworks.  Some of us wanted to go see the fireworks so we were shuttled out to see them.

The ride today was 70 miles with a 2500 feet of climb.  It was mostly down hill as we lost 700 feet between Gillette and Devils Tower.   For about 10 miles were rode past this giant train yard which had miles of loaded coal trains. Some to the trains were several miles long or at least so it seemed. The picnic was a 39 miles and I was down there by 9:15.  As today was Ken T last day we sat chatting for quite a while and I didn’t get back on the bike until 10:30AM.  By then the sun was blazing down and the temperatures were well into the red.

The last half of the ride had most of the climb and while they were all only 1-2 miles in

length they were all steep pitches of 5-7%.  My bike computer showed 110 F but that was right there on the black pavement with full sun load.  It was exhausting work grinding up the hills and then finding that only a short way down the road was another one.  We had two water stops for the 30 miles and I barely made it. 

At about the 45 mile mark I was flying down on of the short descents when I felt my watch strap let go.  I jammed on the brakes but it still took 75 feet to stop as I was going about 30 mph. Sure enough there was my watch in the middle of the road.  I hurried back up the hill to retrieve it before a vehicle came along.  The watch was still working so I put it in my pocket.  When I got to camp I borrowed a file from the mechanics and made a tool from one of my small screw drivers to repair it. 

I arrived about 12:30 to find camp was not yet ready. So no luggage, No showers.  Auzzie Bob had arrived with me so when I suggested a dip in the creek he jumped at the idea.  The creek was so refreshing.  We splashed about and when we got out camp was ready. 

Ken T has a rental car so he drove us in to the town of Hullet for  super. I had the elk buger which was delicious. I was great for us to have a chance to visit.  We are both looking forward to our next adventure together. 

Tonight is Margarita party night.  The staff is busy fixing lots of treats and I am looking forward to a great time.  Tomorrow is our rest day so I am planning on doing very little.


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