Monday, July 28, 2014

July 27 2014 Rest Day Ludington

It was so nice to sleep in this morning.  I didn’t stir until 6:30 AM  and lay in bed until almost 7:30 Am.  After a quick shower I was on my bike and rolled downtown to find breakfast.  I found a nice looking place and went in and had French toast.  It was great not standing in line to be feed and having really plates and metal knife and fork rather than plastic.  It is amazing how the little things that we take for granted become important.

It was really foggy this morning however the fog burned off and it has turned into a beautiful day. 

After I got back to camp  I was just wondering about laundry when the custodian showed up and unlocked the laundry for the riders to use.  I quickly threw my stuff in with Derek’s stuff and it was done in no time. 

I finished my pictures and walked downtown with some other riders for lunch.  It hasn’t been a very exciting day but then rest days are suppose to be rest days.   All I have to do is find a place with internet so that I can post my blog.  Maybe at supper tonight. 

Tomorrow is a 94 mile day and most of it is down a paved path.  This will make it an easier ride but a longer day as you cannot go very fast down the pathways.


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sue said...

Wonderful pictures Terry....