Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 10 2014 Rapid City to Interior SD

Today was a pretty much non event kind of a day. It was straight down a not too busy road to Interior (Pop. 67). With the Cycle America group in town we have doubled the population.   It was only an 80 mile ride and with only 1100 feet of climb very flat. 

Ed W is now an official “Cycle America Router” and today was his first route.  Ed and I   rode out together however I am still looking for my pedals and Ed lights the afterbuners and is gone.   Ken C catches up to me and passes me at about 5 miles. Ken is on the hunt for Ed.   About 18 miles in I catch up to Ken so the two of us decide to ride Ed down.  We are charging down the road at 25+ mph.  We catch up to Ed and the three of us ride in to Picnic together.  After picnic we have another 30 miles and we charge into camp by 12:45.   Camp isn’t set up so we went into the local store for cold drinks. 

The camp is the worst one of the tour.  Almost zero shade and 95F.  Not much for services. The silver lining is Ed and Ken have a room in the adjoining motel which is air conditioned and has wifi.  The second really good thing is that the caterer from last night comes out to Interior to service us supper.  He really puts on a spread. 

We are right out side the gates to Bad Lands National Park so we have a jump on a fantastic ride through the Park and into Wall Drug.


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Jim said...


I lost touch with you this past week between your gap in posting and us having family house guests. We did get great news about Deb and that has been a relief. She is off for the Land of Dorothy tomorrow and we are heading north I next week.

You sound like you are having wonderful scenic rides. We have been watching Tour de France in the rain and cobblestones and it has turned into
Tour de Crash. You have done well keeping both wheels on the ground.