Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 1 2014 Dubois to Riverton WY

It was cold this morning when the alarm went off and I sure didn’t want start pulling on all that cold riding gear.  When I did crawl out of the tent there was frost on the ground.  Some people were saying it was 30F.  The forecast was for upper 70’s and so I didn’t want to over dressed.  I pulled on full fingered gloves and arm and leg warmers hoping for the best. 

Breakfast was over at the Donut Café which had proven to be pretty good at supper last night and promised to be a good bet for breakfast.

Last night on the way back from supper there was a big Jackalope along the road and a sign promising the world’s largest Jackalope exhibit.  So Ken C and I went and had a ride on the big Jackalope. It was fun taking pictures and yelling “Giddy up”  None of the other riders who were walking back joined us in the fun.  I guess they just don’t have any sense of adventure.  Their loss!

This morning being Canada Day Ken and I wore our Canadian Jerseys.  We are the only Canadians on the tour although there is one other fellow who was born in Canada but is now an American.  When we arrived in picnic Ed W was there and he knows all the words to  “O Canada” so the three of us sang O Canada. It was great.

The ride was only 78 miles and with a net down hill of 1600 feet. Most of the time we had a pretty decent tail wind so Ken C and I motored right along. I think I averaged 18.5 mph over the ride. Nothing like a down hill with a tail wind on a beautiful sunny day to make you think you know how to ride.


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