Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24 2014 Baraboo to Beaverdam WI

Last night Earnie and I camped at the top of the hill so we had a beautiful view of the Baraboo hills to the south.  It was well worth packing our bags up the hills

This morning we had a relatively short ride of only 65 miles up a new for 2014 route to Devil’s Lake.   So being that Ed W had routed it he was riding today so the two of us set off together.   It didn’t take long before those hills we enjoyed looking at were being climbed and they were steep.  At the top was Devil’s Lake which was very pretty and the sun was shining on the steep rock cliffs surrounding the lake.  

After a quick stop to enjoy the view we headed down the other side and enjoyed a great down hill decent.  There were a lot of steep pitches to come though.  The hills were just a little too long to be a roller coaster ride as you had to grind up the last half of nearly every one.   The other high light was a free ferry ride across the Wisconsin River.  Rolling down a short hill and onto a a tem minute ride was fun.  

Picnic was only 30 miles out se we were at picnic by 9:30 Am.  I was glad to see picnic as there is always such good treats and lots of fresh fruit.  Breakfast was pretty poor this morning so I was hungry. 

At picnic Ed and I picked up Earnie who is always great to tag along with.  He never fails to have a quick comment on stuff.  Ed got out front and was just charging.  I was working as hard as I could to stay with him.  I think that I was only able to get a couple of turns for maybe a total of 4-5 miles and Earnie was only able to get one turn of maybe a mile before Ed was back out front. This fast train put us into town at just 12:30 PM.

A place called Chippy’s Popcorn Creations was offering free lemonade to Cycle America riders so we rolled in there and had an ice cream cone and a glass of home made lemonade which was great. Earnie bought ---  Thanks Earnie. 

Another Great Day.


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Jim said...


Sounds like you are crusing now. You can't bet flat roads and a tail wind. We made it up to your starting point in Seattle. We had to drive through 300 miles of rain yesterday and I got up this morning and rode around the a drizzle. I have not experienced this in years. You are tough to do it all day and sleep in it. Keep it up.