Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 2 2014 Riverton to Worland WY

It was really nice to crawl out of a dry tent into nice warm weather this morning.  The sun was out and after packing up I rode over to breakfast which was about 2 miles down the road.  The same people who did supper last night were putting on breakfast this morning. Last nights supper of barbeque brisket was excellent so I was confident that breakfast would be great and it was.

We had 92 miles to ride today and I set off with Ken C and Ed W.  The route was mostly down hill, a hint of a tail wind, and two great riders to ride with it promised to be a great ride.

We set off a little late and most of the riders were in front of the three of us so as we passed riders we grew a pretty long tail as people jumped on behind the three of us.  We were riding along through some what rolling country which had a lot of sage brush.

Up to 20 mile mark there had been a steady rumble strip along the white line however it disappeared on some new pavement which was beautifully smooth. Suddenly it reappeared and Ed hit the first few depressions which were at a strange angle to the road and he was thrown of into the ditch at 20 mph. Ed held on to the bike staying upright the whole time. He must have travelled 75 -100 feet through the ditch and up the other side. It was some of the most amazing riding I have ever seen.  When the bike finally came to a stop he got off and walked the bike back to the road.

Because it was so hot there were four water stops instead of the usual 2.  After the second water stop we entered the Wind River Canyon which is close to 16 miles long. There are three tunnels down the canyon and there was construction in the tunnels so we were just rolling through.  Usually the canyon is so steep that you just fly down the road. 

At picnic we found out that one of the coast to coast riders had taken a tumble.  She hit a piece of steel expansion joint and went down.  Her bike is pretty bent up she had only a couple of scratches. The mechanics straighten thing up and she rode on into camp.  WOW!

After picnic there was only 40 miles left and most of it was rolling hills covered in sage brush so not to exciting. Except where it was irrigated and then there was crops of corn sugar beets or potatoes. With Ken C doing a lot of the pulling we made great time.

Tomorrow is the toughest day of the tour as there is 9800 feet of climbing and 75 miles.  The climb into Buffalo is a long hard and promises to be a hot one.



Tom Erceg said...

Am I on this ride? I saw that Canadian jersey, that can only be purchased at the bike shop in Lake Louise, and did a double-take!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Ken was all right on his "off road" excursion. I'm still watching my scab heal this week on my knee which was a reminder of my tumble 3 miles out of Lincoln last week after meeting with "Mr. Bark" on the road.
Tom Curry

Tom Curry said...

Sorry. Said Ken, meant Ed.