Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30 2014 Jackson Hole to Dubois WY

Today was one of those ride of a lifetime rides.  It was unbelievable in so many ways.  Scenery, wind, roads, traffic or lack of traffic, beautiful sun and temperatures in the low 70’s F.  there was lots to brag about.

So let me start at the beginning. I started out with Ed W and Ken C.  We were headed north out of Jackson Hole toward Tetons National Park.  There was a good wind out of the NW so the three of us took turns breaking the wind. They have built a new bike path for 16 miles north to Jenny Lake. It was so smooth the miles just flew by wind notwithstanding. The Grand Tetons were standing out to the west and it was a glorious sight.  Just north of Jenny Lake we turned SE so now that wind was on our back and  we were just sailing along.  Picnic came up at the 47 mile mark and I was surprised at how fast we were there. 

Two miles after picnic we hit the big climb of the day which was 17.9 miles of 2-6% grade.  I was feeling strong and it didn’t take long to drop Ed and Ken. Ed has been working so hasn’t had the bike training Ken and I have but to drop Ken on a hill is tough.  I stopped at the summit to take pictures with Jos who was there already. Ken rode up and so the three of us headed down the other side of Togwotee Pass (elevation 9584 ft). Downhill with a howling wind at your back with the smoothest of roads you can imagine. We had thirty miles to ride from the summit to Dubois and camp.  There were 9 miles of decent and then some low rollers which were generally down hill after the decent.  I was rolling at approximately 35 mph on the decent and the wind was so strong I was sailing along at 27 mph without pedalling on the low rollers. I forgot to check watch at the top but I doubt it took much more than an hour to get into camp.  Ken C said it took only 55 minutes.

At one point is was flying along at about 35 mph and suddenly there was a gopher in the rumble strip and he decided to go for the ditch. I thought for sure I was going to hit him. However he went between my wheels.  His lucky day and probably mine as well.

We are staying at the local KOA tonight and dining at the Donut Café.  Perfect!



Tom Curry said...

Did you stop in a postcard shop and take pictures of the post cards? These photos are spectacular. Almost look fake. Darn... left one day too soon to enjoy fabulous tailwinds.
Saw that trail going out to the airport yesterday. Must have been fun.

Ian Grosse said...

of course, the best day of the trip was the day after we left...oh well, Bonnie and I still had a great time and will come visit the group in Gloucester in August. Have fun Terry!


Howard said...

Amazing scenery. Have a great ride, Terry.

Tom Erceg said...

Are you sure you want to be riding behind someone who is breaking wind?