Friday, June 13, 2014

June 13 2014 Abbotsford Comfort Inn

June 13 2014 Abbotsford Comfort Inn

The cycling has not yet begun however the trip has.  I left my home in Calgary this morning at 6:18 Am and arrived here in Abbotsford at 4:48 PM local time. So the drive took 11.5 hr including a breakfast and lunch stop. 

It was a pretty sad departure from Calgary this morning saying good bye to Agnes, Kurt and Ajax.  Not just because I will not see them for the next to months but that was the last time I would be in that house.  We have lived there for almost 27 years and it has been a great home.  Agnes and I have spent most of our married life together in that house and we raised Kurt there.  After the cycle trip is over I will be returning to the new house in Kelowna.  This is going to be an exciting new chapter in our lives and I am looking forward to it. 

I am driving down with Calgary Ken and his son in their van. Ken’s son is going to drop us off tomorrow in Everett WA where we will join the Cycle America tour and the rest of the Chain Gang (Calgary Ken, Jos, Earnie,Tom,Texas Ken, Ed & myself).  I have ridden with this crew several times before and you could not find a better crew any where to ride with.  It should be a great trip.

So here is a map of our route across the US.



Jim said...

Hey, you sound melancholy saying goodby to family and home of 27 years. Lots of passages going on in your life, but they are all good. Tomorrow you start your coast-to-coast ride and I am taking a group out to ride Yarnell Hill and ride along with the Race Across America team racers. Will be thinking of you since we did Yarnell Hill together seven years ago. Say hi to my old buds and have a safe ride over the Cascades.


Anonymous said...

I am sure it was a sad departure, but I always think new adventures are good for the soul.