Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 14  Everett Washington

Day one and here we are in Everett Washington, checking in.  Looks like there are 35 coast to coast riders and 35 first week riders.  A few faces from other rides including a couple from the Cycle America Coast to Coast I did in 2010.  Small world.  Everyone from my group made it except for Tom R who had his flight cancelled twice and delayed twice.  I am told that he is on the way and will arrive later tonight. 

The trip down from Abbottsford was pretty uneventful. We got away just after 9:00 am and down to the Sumas boarder crossing a few minutes later.  The posted crossing time showed only 15 minutes so we felt that we had arrived at a good time.  However the line wasn't moving too fast and we were kind of concerned that the 15 minutes was going to be hard to make however we were at the boarder and through in only 48 minutes so we still had lots of time.

After we arrived at the Boys and Girls club in Everett Calgary Ken, Ian and myself headed off and found a brew pub which specialized in locally caught fish.  I had a huge bowel of the fish chowder and a local IPA beer to wash it down. It was great.  As we were sitting there Ed W pulls up in a van so we had a laugh. "Of all the gin joints"

Back to the check in where we meet lots of the other riders and had a good time renewing old acquaintances and making new friends.  Watching Jos set up his new tent for the first time with lots of coaching from the peanut gallery.  Supper cam up very early and then rider meeting which seemed to stretch on forever however in fairness it was the first one and there is always lots to cover. 

Tomorrow's ride is a 68 mile ride with only 2600 feet of elevation gain so it is a good start. 

As per usual I am poaching wifi and a computer so no pictures to day.


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