Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 25 Townsend to Ennis

Today was a short day at 76.9 Miles. I wasn’t too organized this morning and got to breakfast 2 minutes after it opened so I was last in line. With over 80 riders and staff it was a long line. So I left late and rode up through the line of riders taking pictures as I went.  Not to mention that it was a beautiful ride. The green field and rolling foothills framed against the snow capped purple mountains in the distance.  It reminded me of this book I read Kurt when he was small. It started out with “ Where the mountains meet the prairie, where the men are wild and hairy.” 

At the thirty mile mark was The Montana Wheat Bakery. It is a huge operation along the interstate.  So we stopped and had a roll and a coffee.  I had a raisin apple cinnamon bun which was the size of a dinner plate. It was great.

At the 60 mile mark was the big climb of the day. It was 5.5 miles of 5-7%.  The road wound its way up this canyon. There wasn’t a breath of air in the canyon and the temperature gauge on my bike computer said 103 F.  I don’t know how accuracy that was but I was boiling.  There was a steady stream of perspiration running down may face and into my eyes.  Boy was I glad to make the crest of the hill.
We are staying at the Ennis school which is home to the Mustangs if you follow high school football.  Who knows why we are here.  No floor flopping, no going into the gym, no climbing on the statue of the mustangs, no going on the football field, only one bathroom is unlocked (boy there is going to be a line up in the morning). So everyone is jammed into this little piece of grass in front of the school.  Fortunately Earnie got in early and found a place around the back which isn’t crowded.

Ken and I walked down the main street between cloud bursts.  It hasn’t changed in the 35 years since Agnes and I crashed the sheriff’s daughter’s wedding which was in the Longhorn Salon.  There are still 6 bars, three antique shops, four art galleries and a pharmacy.

Tomorrow is another short day of only 75 miles.


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