Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 21 2014 Thompson Falls to Missoula

Wow! Another 102 mile day and I got in first with a ride time of 6:45.  No pace lines just got a good early start and put the hammer down.  I thought Tom R was going to get me at lunch but he pulled off to take off his jacket.  He must have been really over heated because he and Earnie worked for at least a couple of hours to over take me (I could see them in my rear view mirror). 

It was only 39F when I rolled out this morning and the forecast was for 80F.  So I had put on short fingered gloves but within a couple of miles my hands were frozen.  I knew I had two of the hand warmers Mary Margret had given me in my trunk. So I stopped got the hand warmers out and pulled my arm warmers down out of my jacket sleeves. So with my hands covered by the arm warmers and the hand warmers in my palm, the problem was solved.  By the time the hand warmers were done it was close to 70F.

There was a big climb at the 73 mile mark but just before the climb was the little town of Arlee. So I pulled into a gas station and got a giant 44 oz Coke. I had put some ice in the cup and after I finished the coke I dumped the ice into the water bottle.  The Coke kicked pretty quickly and I powered up the hill.  Earnie was struggling up the hill and I blew past him like he was standing still. 

All day we were being passed by these huge yellow dump trucks pulling trailers.  It seemed like they didn’t like us on their road as didn’t seem to give me very much room.  Half a wheel would have been lots.  After I got to town I finally saw they were from Knife River Construction. Maybe their drivers need a safety lecture.

I was kind of concerned about my level of training but I think that having completed the toughest week of the tour, those concerns were unfounded.  

Tonight we are in the Missoula university dorm and tomorrow is a day off.  Yahoo!



Colleen Golomski said...

Hey Terry, thinking of you. Still have not figured out Wisconsin-but would love to ride with you for one day, if its approved. Keith is not joining us at this point. Have a good day off. Colleen

Liz said...

Trust you are enjoying the American landscape with Jos. Looks like some long days and big hills. Cold and damp here in NZ. I'll keep an eye on your progress.
John Pfahlert