Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18 2014 Grande Coulee to Spokane

June 18 2014  Grande Coulee to Spokane

It was only 41F when I crawled out of my tent this morning. The ceiling is probably less than 1000 feet of heavy black clouds. No hint of sun. Fortunately the tent had dried off from the previous nights down pour.  I really hate packing up a soaking wet tent.  However getting on the bike was a tough job I was still stiff and sore from the previous day’s century.  I think a new route needs to be found into Coulee Dam.

Breakfast was 3 miles down the road this morning and a tough three miles it was as we had to climb out of the coulee and it was a 9% grade.  It was a pretty fine breakfast and well worth the climb. After breakfast there is still an additional 10 miles of 6% grade.  About half way up three deer ran out right in front of me.  Unfortunately I never got their picture as they were to fast for me.  

After the climb I was soaked with sweat and then there was a huge down hill which turned me into an ice block.  After the down hill I hear this pist of air then nothing thirty feet on another pist. This is not good, as it means I have a flat. However both tires appear solid. So I rode a little further but now there are more air blasts.  The front is definitely soft so I undid the value cap and the core came out so I have to chance tubes. After I get the tire fixed I am frozen.  All I can think about is my hands are numb.  I get to the first water stop and the van is there so I jumped in.  They  went up the road and stopped for gas and I jumped up and got a 24 oz hot chocolate and they had insulated work gloves on the rack for $5.00 so I grabbed a pair.

I rode up to lunch which was at the 53 mile mark grabbed a quick bite to eat and was on my way. Nice and warm and the road again.  About 15 miles out from lunch an antelope bounded across the road in front of me. I was astounded by how far and high he could jump.  It had warmed up considerably to 60 F but the clouds were still threatening.

I got to within 7 miles of the collage campus where we are staying and I hit a piece of metal which tore a hole in my front tire. So I had to stop again and change tubes. However before I could get the wheel off Earnie rolls up and says here let me help and changes my tire.  Thanks Buddy!  So much for my $13.50 made in Cech Republic tire,

All is well as tonight Ken C and I are going out to supper with Ken and Mary Margret.  Yahoo.


Pictures Later got to run


Jim said...

Wow. Two more extraordisnarly tough days. You are the man! I do see the sun is supposed to be out tomorrow.

Milly Johnson said...

Driving to Vail to acclimate.... Then, onto biking in Glenwood Springs on Sunday... But nothing will compare w your courageous adventure!