Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 17 2014 Wenatchee to Grande Coulee Dam

Today was an exceedingly hard day.  The difficulty was caused by several factors. It was 103.5 miles, the wind was howling out of the north so there was either a dead on head wind or at best a brutal cross wind, there were two major climbs one of which was over 2000 feet of vertical all at 6%, and to top it all off the road has a new coat of chip seal making it into a bone jarring ride.  I left the camp in Wenatchee at 6:50 am and rolled into tonights camp at 4:40 PM.  So this means I was on the road for 9hr 50 minutes.  My bike computer shows an average speed of 11.7 mph. 

I should not be complaining as I managed a ninth spot. Not bad for an old guy who didn’t train.  There are still a lot of people out there on the road and I can only imagine how sore they must be.  My butt has been turned to hamburger by the rough road and my shoulders are throbbing from gripping the handle bars and wrestling the bike in the wind.   I know that you are thinking I must be nuts to do this. However this is what stories are made of. It is kind of like that Harley Davidson commercial where the old grand father is telling his grand children about how he wanted to by a Harley but bought aluminum siding instead.  It ends with the line; “What stories will you tell?”  So let me tell you about….

I had stopped at a store and picked up some chocolate milk just before camp.  When I got in I was so pooped I had to drop my bike as I couldn’t get off it. So I sat down and drank the milk on the spot.  During the 5 minutes it took to drink the milk a down pour started and I had to set my tent up in the rain.  Perfect. Just perfect.

Happy Trails


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