Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23 2014 Missoula to Lincoln Mt

We were checking out of the Missoula University dorm this morning and breakfast did not start until 8:00 Am so it was kind of a late start.  So I didn’t fool around I got in ate and hit the road.  The head quarters for Adventure Cycling is in Missoula and they had offered to give guided tours however today’s weather forecast was for winds out of the east.  Would like to have seen the head quarters but it would have taken another 40 minutes on a late start and with the bad wind forecast it thought it prudent to pass on that. 

As we started out of Missoula we were riding due east up this canyon and the wind was just howling straight into my face. This 80 mile day was looking like it might be pretty tough going.  By the time I got to the 16 mile mark we had climbed quite bit and I could see some low hanging fog/clouds so I knew I would get out of the wind fairly quickly.  Sure enough a couple of miles later there was no wind however the temperature dropped down to 51F.  About 20 miles later I reached the summit of today's climb which wasn’t all that steep or tough of a climb but it marked the end of the low lying fog.  With the sun up and only 8 miles of down hill to go to lunch I was laughing. 

Ken C was with me and we came up to one of the sectional riders who had a flat.  He had never changed a flat before so was not sure what to do.  We whipped the tube out figured out the problem and slapped a new tube in in record time.  He had never seen a person roll a tire on and was quite amazed at the process.  The floor pumps Ken and I carry are great and we had it pumped and he was on the road in record time.  NASCAR pit crews have nothing on us. 

Lunch was exceptional as it was a hot tomato stew with sausage and shrimp. I gobbled down a couple bowls and lots of fresh fruit and hit the road.  It was only 36 miles to camp in Lincoln so I was looking forward to getting in early.  By the time I got to the 65 mile the head wind was back, so the last few miles were a grind.  

I liked today's pictures as they kind of represent the Montana big sky theme. 

As was glad to roll into town. Tomorrow is a 92 mile day so another long day.



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Happy cruising....cheers from the Trilogy bikers in Glenwood Springs! Yesterday we dedicated our ride from Aspen to CS to your endeavor!