Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27 2014 West Yellowstone MT to Ashton ID

I think it rained all night I went to sleep listening to the drum of rain on the tent and it was raining when the alarm went at 5:20 Am.  Actually let me correct that it wasn’t raining it was pouring. So I dugout my heavy duty rain stuff.  The new rain pants and jacket along with the neoprene rain booties, and paddling gloves.  Then I realized that the booties I brought were for the other shoes which have narrow toe box.  So my feet are going to be cold. 

So I rolled down to breakfast and sat watching the rain hoping that it would stop but it was obvious that it was an all day soaker.  Ken C had decided to sag to day as he was already wet and cold.  I knew it was an easy day at only 64 miles and all down hill or at least mostly down hill.  The low cloud would mean that there wouldn’t be much for wind so it was going to be a cold wet ride.  The temperature on my bike read 41 F.  

The first 30 miles were down this very busy road which a lot of trucks and even worse a lot of rental motorhomes.  Every time one of them went past you it was like having some one slam you with a 5 gallon bucket of ice water.  The new pants and jacket worked well, as did my shower cap which kept my head dry and warm, however my feet were ice blocks. 

At the 33 mile mark we turned off the busy road and the van was there so I got in and warmed up.  I took a pair of Mary Margret’s hand warmers cracked them open and stuck them in my shoes.  They worked great. 

Got into picnic grabbed a few nuts and took off.  It was only 15 more miles into town so I went for it.  Got in to camp and had a bowl of chilli and a small pizza at the local diner.  While I was eating the rain stopped and the sun came out. So I hurried back to camp and got my tent and equipment dried out, even picked up some newspaper to put into my shoes and cleaned some of the grit off of my chain and oiled it. 

However a big black cloud was building to the west and it let out a huge thunder clap and the deluge started all over.  The power is out in the school where we are staying so hard to say what the impact on super is going to be.   Speculation is no power no supper.

The forecast for tomorrow sounds much better or at least that is the rumour.   Winds out of the west and 10% chance of rain. Yahoo.   


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