Friday, June 20, 2014

June 20 2014 Kellogg ID to Thompson MT

Today was the first short day on the tour at only 67.7 miles.  We had 43.6 miles to the top of Thompson Pass.  It was a straight climb out of town at approximately 1% for the first 36 miles and then it started to get steep. The last 7 miles were at between 7-9%.  It was a tough grind up those last few miles. 

When we got to the top of the pass we had picnic. It was a hot bowel of potato soup with all kinds of other special treats.  The soup was really delicious.  Soup is a great picnic food as it is easy to digest and doesn’t weigh you down.  Picnic is a great time to visit with the other riders.

Ed and I had ridden up the hill together so we left picnic together and cruised down the remaining 24 miles.  The route down waqs pretty steep and Ed was so a long way in front of me as I am not a very good down hill rider.  It wasn’t until Ed stopped to take off his jacket that I caught him. 

As we rolled into town we crossed the river where Thompson Falls are and took a back route path which was very scenic.  I believe it was and old railway bridge which was now a local path.

As we rolled though town on the way to the camp site, Ed spotted a sign for icecream so we rolled in and got cones.  It wasn’t long before there were lots of other riders sitting on the patio.  The ice cream was very delicious and long over due.  I mean this is already day six and the first ice cream cone.

Well I have to wrap this up as tonight we are being shuttled in to the Elks Club a special meal. 


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