Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 29 2014 Day off Jackson Hole WY

Today was the rest day for the tour and I had taken a hotel room with Ken C.  So I wound up sleeping in or at least until 7:30 AM.  Ken was asleep so I quietly let myself out and went off to find breakfast.  I first ran into Earnie.   Jos and I walked downtown before we found a coffee place.  There we joined Tom R and Auzzie Bob for coffee and a bagel.

On the way back Jos and I found a bike shop and who can resist?  I wound up buying a couple of new tires.  I have one spare which has a few miles on it. Could be as much as 1000 as I can’t really remember. The tour bike mechanics have had a run on tires and I heard them saying to one of the riders that the only tires they have left are 700 x 28 and it was some sort of Panaracer and they wanted $85 for it.  The bike store only had one Gator skin and an assortment of other Continental tires but no pairs.  They did have a good selection of Specialized tires and so I grabbed a pair of Roubaix Endurance tires.  They are alleged to be very puncture resistant. We will see.  

By time we got back it was after 10:00 am and time to get on with chores.  Cleaning bike drying the tent out and sorting of gear.  

Ken and I went to a Chinese Buffet which was across the street for lunch which was pretty good and while were there a tour bus of Chinese came in for lunch so we figured we were in the right  place.  There was a big sign in the window declaring that the food contained no MSG.  Hopefully this is true as that stuff makes my eyes so puffy.

Ken and I walked downtown and were amazed how many tourists were wandering the streets.  The t-shirt shops are doing a roaring business.  We also walked through the historic Wort hotel and looked at all of the western art and mounted heads.  Kind of reminds me of the guy in Beauty and the Beast who did all of his decorating with antlers.

Tonight we are being shuttled out to the Jackson Science Center which is where the rest of the tour is camped. It is quite a long way out of town.  I understand that it is some sort of private residential school for K-12.  Quite a way to raise your child. Just send them away.

Tomorrow is another hundred mile day with a big climb in the middle.  Hopefully the wind which is currently blowing out of the west continues and we have a good day.


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Tom Curry said...

Terry - Tom Curry here. Sorry to have missed you when I left, but so appreciate you taking the time to download your pictures on to my flashdrive. Ed ( or Bob or whatever his made up name is) gave it to me at the Science Center. Great memories and many pictures of people from the group that I did not have photographs of. Hope to see you again some time on another tour. When I get a few minutes today after clearing up some of the 200+ work e-mails that seemed to have appeared in my mailbox over the past 2 weeks....I will read your blog in more detail. If you want to write any time my e-mail is Safe journey across the U.S. Look forward to watching the progress on your blog.
Best regards,