Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tombstone to Bisbee March 21 2012

The little cabins proved to be quite comfortable. There was a little electric heater which barely put out any heat but it kept the cabin nice and warm. It sure beat sleeping in the tent when the temperatures are in the low 30’s. Wallace and Ken even admitted that their rubber mattresses were comfortable.

The ride was only 24 miles down to Bisbee today so breakfast was not until 8:00 AM. However everyone was up and milling around well before 8:00 am and was ready to go. I rolled out of camp with Ken and we circled through downtown Tombstone to see it in the daylight. There wasn’t much to see. About three blocks of tourist trap stores selling genuine made in China Western souvenirs. We didn’t see a coffee place so we rolled on.

The ride itself while very short was very pretty. We climbed out of Tombstone into the hills and were amazed at the beauty which surrounded us. I rode along and took rider pictures as well as lots of pictures of the country side. The big climb of the entire trip was today and it was about 2000 feet and about 10 miles. Almost anti-climatic after Italy. After the climb there was a short tunnel and a down hill into Bisbee.

Bisbee was a huge copper mining town from the turn of the century until the mid 1970’s. The town has now been taken over but arts and craft shops. The tourist business seems to be booming. There is a great museum down town which I went though. There is huge pit just south of town. I didn’t walk down to see it but it is suppose to be one of the largest holes in the world.

Tonight is another ghost tour and a wine and cheese party hosted by the local bike shop. Very cool!!.

The weather forecast is looking warmer. Yahoo.


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