Friday, March 9, 2012

The Napa Valley Marathon March 3-4

The visit with Tom was short as we had to get up to Napa to pick up my race package as I was committed to doing the Napa valley marathon. It starts 26.2 miles up the valley in Calistoga and runs down this back road though the vine yards to Napa. Their little marathon of 2500 runners is one of the most highly rated marathons around.

Agnes and I drove up to Calistoga where the marathon starts and found our hotel. It had been chosen because it was only a couple of blocks from the start of the marathon. Unfortunately it was dump. Yes it was clean but still a dump. We cruised back to Napa a got my race package and went over to the station and got tickets for the wine train as we wanted to do that little excursion.

The wine train is a tourist train which does supper trips between Napa and Calistoga. It is quite famous for it’s gourmet meals and fine service. It is a series of old (1920’s) cars which have been lovingly restored and is pulled by a pair of first generation diesel engines from the early 1950’s. The night before the marathon are the only tickets we can get so Agnes and I took the wine train the night before the marathon. I am filled with dread as tomorrow is a marathon and here I am out on this big gourmet tour.

The marathon course is so beautiful and is well organized so it is easy to understand why the huge ratings. The course is more or less down hill but has several uphill stretches just to break it up. Well you get the picture it is beautiful, and the bling is pretty nice as well. I run a 4:48:55 which isn’t my best time but considering I had very little training I am happy enough.

So I stumble across the finish line and Agnes and I tear off to my brother’s place in Santa Barbra.


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