Friday, March 30, 2012

Big Bend National Park March 30 2012

Today was a rest day so there was no riding. Instead we were shuttled down to Big Bend National Park. It was a 70 mile one way drive.

The park is right out in the middle of the desert. There are all these large hills. Some of them are volcanic and some are dolomite. The views are very dramatic but I will let the pictures do the talking. We had lunch in the main park restaurant. After lunch we drove down to the Rio Grand and walked out to the beach and dipped our feet into the river. It isn’t reall much of a river but it up against some very dramatic dolomite cliffs.

On the drive back we saw some javalina in the ditch. I was quite surprised at how large they were. They were probably in the 50 pound range.

Tonight our cook had made blackened salmon. It was absolutely excellent.


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Anonymous said...

hey Terry,
Got your e-mail. Sorry! lost track of the days! Just got caught up on your blog. Weather sounds a bit colder than i would have thought. Hopefully you will get some heat from here in. Ride safe!