Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bisbee AZ to Rodeo NM March 22 2012

Right after we left Bisbee we rode past the Lavender pit. This is one big hole. So a quick photo stop and then on the road. It was 78 miles from Bisbee down to Rodeo. The first 25 was down hill so they just flew by. I pulled into the Sag and there was a bakery there so I ducked in and had a cinnamon bun for 50 cents.

After the SAG stop I rode along with Wallace to lunch which was out in the middle of the desert. As there was no services along the road our cook was making these wraps for lunch which were great. At this point we were only 45 miles down the road however the wind picked up from the west to about 20 mph. The road was dead flat and very smooth. So with a 20 mph tail wind you could ride along at 30 mph without even pedaling.

It was great just flying along. I was in camp first in less than 90 minutes. I know I have had more fun on rides but this one was sure a lot of fun.

Rodeo is just a cross roads in the middle of the desert. There isn’t even cell service.


Pictures to be added later


Agnes said...

Rodeo may not have cell service but they got internet!! Glad to hear from you again. The last few days sound like fun:-) How was the second ghost town tour?

Anonymous said...

Does passing someone that stopped in Rodeo to have lunch make you first? ? Just sayin ...

DiAnn said...
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