Sunday, March 11, 2012

Alpine to Sacred Rocks Camp Ground March 11 2012

Last night was the time change to daily light savings so we lost an hour of much needed sleep. In addition the camp ground was extremely noisy there were a lot of little kids running around screaming until around midnight, diesel trucks starting up and driving around and of course the dogs barking.

I was going to run this morning however when the alarm went I just couldn’t get out of the sleeping bag and go. It was right at freezing and pulling on running gear to go run in the dark was more than I could handle. It was cold, dark, and my marathon was only a week ago and those are my excuses.

We were shuttled over to the big casino for breakfast of eggs, bacon and French toast. So by the time I got on the road it was after 9:00 am. Fortunately the ride was only 39 miles so it was pretty easy. Although there were a lot of turns listed on the cue sheet they were all obvious and navigation was dead simple. Ken had said that he thought there was going to be a lot of climbs to day so I should just go ahead.

I think that the only really exciting moment came at around mile 18. There was a cattle guard just after the sag stop and they said to watch it as the rails were quite far apart. So I took the pedestrian crossing to one side and jumped on my bike. Then was steep down hill and started to wind it up. I rounded a corner there was a second cattle guard. By now I am close to 30 mph and coming up on it was too fast to stop. I jammed on the brakes and held on until just before the cattle guard. The bike straightened up and I flew over it.

I rolled into camp at around 12:00 noon so I made pretty good time.

They are predicting only 24 F tonight so it will get chilly.



Agnes said...

Wow, ride was nearly over before it barely started!! Take care bud. Say hi to Ken T for me.

Jim said...

Hey Terry. Let's see if I can get something posted.

Jim said...

Terry, I finally got my dormant gmail account working.

Sounds like you are off to a notable start...incomplete directions, noisy campground, cold, and a scare. How did you survive going over the handlebars? At least you didn't have to ride in blowing sand...yet. I did a beautiful 60 miler in Phoenix this morning with a group of eight. Weather should be good for you. See ya in five days.