Tuesday, March 27, 2012

El Paso to Fort Hancock March 26 2012

The ride to day was only 58 miles so there was no hurry getting out of the hotel where we were staying. In addition we wanted to let the morning rush hour settle down because we had to ride right across El Paso. We had come into El Paso from the west and were leaving out of the south east.

I left the hotel with Ken as he had gone to school in El Paso and Ken knows his way around. Having some one to navigate the directions was great as there were a lot of twists and turns. The first stop was the Aztec bakery where Ken and I enjoyed some very nice buns which were covered in icing. They were only $0.50 each. Unfortunately they did not serve coffee so we had to find a coffee in a McDonalds several miles down the road.

The road out of town was quite narrow and had a lot of traffic on it however it was very polite and several cars did not pass us until there was a clear spot. After we cleared town there was almost no traffic, and the road was extremely smooth. Having a good wind from the 4:00 o’clock position was a good help as well.

The country side gave way to a lot of farms and pecan groves. The pecan groves have not yet leaved out, so they look quite stark in comparison to every thing else which is green. If there is water you have very rich looking fields. If there is no water it is burned out scrub brush.

Ken and I continued down the road together and rolled into lunch in a small local Mexican restaurant. After lunch it was only 18 miles to Fort Hancock. The good tail wind and smooth flat road was great and we covered it in no time flat. Even with the late departure and lots of stops We rolled in at 2:00 PM.

Tonight we are camping in a church yard. There is a high school across the road where we are going to shower but we can’t do that until 3:30 pm when school gets out. It looks like Ft Hancock is about 100 residents.


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