Sunday, March 11, 2012

San Diego to Alpine March 10 2012-03-10

I didn’t sleep much as at the rider meeting the night before we were handed the route sheet and there was no map. The route sheet contained 26 turn directions for a 43 mile ride so the longest section with out a turn was only 4 miles. No map, no road markers and I have zero idea which way we go. I went and looked the place up on Google maps and the route looked unbelievable tortuous. I just knew I would be lost and become one of the homeless wandering the streets of San Diego.

We could not have had a more gorgeous morning to start this journey. The sun was out and the sky was brilliant blue. So luggage was loaded and we were off to the beach which was right behind the hotel we staying. at. So there we did the wheel dip in the Pacific and took the group pictures. Then it was down a bike path and then on to some roads with a bike lane. I was following a group of other riders so I felt great about the ride. Why not the weather was great and the excitement of the first day was upon every one.

The turns came up pretty quickly and it became obvious the route sheet distances were out to lunch but the turns were all obvious. There was a one long grade which was 4-5 miles long and every one was complaining about how hard it was. Good thing they aren’t on the Belle Italia trip.

The camp came up pretty quick and I would have blown past the camp gate except there were two other riders who were being dropped off. They had ridden up a wrong turn and then talked this fellow in giving them a ride to the camp.

What a fun day.


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