Friday, March 9, 2012

A Downtown cabin in the woods March 1 2012

The adventure really starts with a visit to see one of my cycling friends Tom E who lives in San Francisco. Tom and I met on my first cross America trip several years ago so it was very appropriate that this trip start with a visit to see Tom. Agnes and I flew out of Calgary grabed the rental car and were off to see Tom. He has the most unique place it is a house which is completely sourounded by trees and sits high above all of the surrounding area. Looking out of his front porch you can see the Bay. It was a great visit renewing our friendship, joking about the things which happened on that trip, and remembering other friends from other rides. I really needed to get myself mentally ready for this trip and there is nobody better than Tom to bounce stuff off. To live and work in the Bay Area and maintain your sanity requires a special person.

Tom has found his place and it is a cabin in the woods in the center of the city.

Thanks Tom


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