Monday, March 19, 2012

Casa Grande to Catilina March 17 2012

The forecast for today was for a 30 mph wind with gusts to 40 mph directly out of the south which was really bad news as we were headed due south. So breakfast was set for 6:00 Am to give the riders a head start, and I was on the road at 7:00 Am.

So here is the picture; the wind was howling straight into your face, the route was down this frontage road which paralleled the freeway, on one side was the freeway and on the other was the railroad, the pavement is broken and cracked. So the best I could do is about 10 mph. This frontage road is dead straight and just went on for ever. There was only one sag at the 40 mile mark. It took almost 4 hours to get down there.

After the sag there was a bunch of really confusing directions and I met up with Wallace who was also wandering around. We asked a biker who helped us. Luckily the road turned to the east and the wind was kind of a side wind. We were tired so we didn’t hurray. We stopped for a hot dog a Circle K. They have these roller grills with hot dogs, polish sausage, chicken dogs and some sort of Mexican meat thing. They are really good and cost only $0.99. I have been suffering criticism for eating them but today Wallace had one and he agreed that they are great.

We are camped in Catilina State which is a long way from anything and tomorrow is a rest day. It is suppose to rain tomorrow. A day of sleeping is want the doctor ordered after what was an extremely tough day.


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Anonymous said...

Terry: I believe that third photo is of Picacho Peak: location of the only Civil War battle fought in Arizona. I camped on top of it one night (long ago) and it rained!! Bike on!